What is Essay Format in College & Universities? Essay Format Template (Examples)


Essays are one of the most intellectual parts of the curriculum as the teacher assigns each student with an essay topic and the student has to write and complete the essay and show it to the teacher. Perhaps there are more essays than just one and a student must be sure of how to write an essay effectively. The main purpose of writing an essay is to draw the attention of the reader to the following facts where you can present your arguments and give the evidence to support those facts. Essays are not always argumentative, they are sometimes informative, analytical and responsive, narrative, descriptive, dialectic, Expository, familiar, etc. Essays offer one idea at a time. Different essays have different structures but the basic structure remains the same. Essays are given to the students or writers to bring out the creativity of the student. It tests the student’s knowledge in various fields and the articulating capacity of the student. It describes the student’s thoughts on the subject and makes them increase their thinking capacity. Essays form the main part of the curriculum as it describes the theory, takes time to research on the following theory and makes the reader understand the lags and the solutions of a particular theory. An essay can be considered as a good essay when a writer follows certain rules before writing the essay. We will discuss the various steps that can make an essay perfectly done.

Do you know who discovered writing essays?

The Frenchman Michel de Montaigne was the first author to describe his work as essays where he used the term “essays” as “attempts” to put his thoughts into writing.

Basic essay structure

What is essay format?

Every single essay has the same basic essay structure which consists of an introduction, a body and a conclusion.


Introduction is the part of an essay which usually represents the background of the topic. You have to introduce the topic to the reader. This is the part of the essay where you have to provide some basic information on the topic. This part of the essay decides how your essay is going to be as it gives the statements on which you need to discuss.


The body is the part of the essay which actually presents the facts and purpose of the essay. You have to anticipate that you are answering a series of questions which are in order: what, how and why? The reader will be impressed if you write according to the series as you will be answering and fashioning all your facts and complications. This is the place where you discuss relating to the data, contents and event. The body part can be written in many paragraphs. For 450 words you can make 5 paragraphs and it increases for more words. You should always write facts that support your statement and it should relate to your essay.


The challenging portion of an essay writing is the conclusion part as you have to summarize whatever you want to explain about the topic so that it leads to a logical conclusion. The writing should make it clear how important the matter is. You can give your solutions if it is needed.

Points to remember along with the format of Essay:

Organize an essay before you start writing

  • The Sentences should be complete and error-free.
  • The paragraphs should be coherent
  • Use simple language which can be understood easily
  • Avoid using tough words and revise your essay before submission
  • Try to give correct facts in the essays

Writing an essay reveals the skills, knowledge and abilities of a writer and also improves the language that he or she uses in the essay. It has the ability to increase the potential of the student to write big essays once they get the idea. Essay writing has always been a nightmare for the students and so we provide essay help to every student who finds it difficult to write. We hope you have got a clear picture of what to write and how to express your thoughts. We discuss on different topics and give a clear view of the topic. We also make our students practice such essays so that they score high marks in their examinations.

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