What is the Difference Between Affect and Effect? It’s Uses With Examples?


Have you got confused where to write ‘affect’ and where to write ‘effect’? Surely, you have!

What is so difficult to understand between these two words? Let’s take a look at these two words!

There are thousands of words which sound alike but have different meanings, they are called homonyms. The examples are weak-week, sun-son, meet-meat, buy-by and many more. Similarly, we have a pair of homonyms with us which is easy to understand.

Affect: The word ‘Affect’ means to have an influence on something or someone which causes a change. It has a verb nature which means causing an action. For example, you can say, “The earthquake affected the lives of the people severely.” Here it means that the lives of the people greatly changed after an earthquake as many lost their lives and their belongings.  Let’s take one more example to understand the purpose of ‘affect’ in a
sentence. “I am deeply affected by the film” means that the film has made the person strongly emotional or you can say that the person grew strong feelings after watching the film.

Effect: The word ‘effect’ means the result or consequence of an action that is caused after the change. It is generally used in its noun form. “What are the local effects of earthquakes?” This sentence means what are the major changes that occur as a result of an earthquake. Effect is the result of something that continues over a long time. “The salary increase will
take effect from March onward.” Here the effect means it will begin from March onward.

So, when do we use affect and effect in a sentence? Let’s see with some examples.

Use of Affect

Affect has three ways of writing; it has a verb form, noun form and also expresses a display or pretense. They are given below.

The verb form means how it influences a person or thing somehow as we have discussed about it earlier. It means that you are changing it in some way.
The area has been badly affected by pollution.

The noun form is used in Psychology where one can demonstrate affect as a set of behaviors observed in an individual.
Example: A frown is one way of displaying affect.

The third form is to show the pretending nature of a person which generally has negative
onnotations of deceptive human behavior.
Example: His words affected the crowd so much that they wept bitterly.
However, keep in mind that the first definition of affect which “exerts an influence on something” is the most common.

Use of Effect

It has mainly two forms; one is the noun form which is the most common and the other is the verb form.

The noun form of effect means the outcome or result of something which we have discusse before.
Example: They discussed the effect of the law on labourers.

The verb form is the phrase “to effect change” which is usually used to generate an outcome.
Example: If radically administered, such drugs can effect radical cures.

How to remember the difference between Affect and Effect?

There are many definitions of affect and effect but here is a trick which you can remember easily.
An affect is an action while an effect is an eventuality
Let’s see the sentence which justifies both the words- “How is coronavirus affecting the country? The symptoms like fatigue, cough, joint pain, chest pain, fever, etc. are generally considered to be the effects of COVID-19”. This sentence explains how coronavirus is having an impact on the lives of the people in the different countries whereas the second sentence describes that the result of coronavirus has made human beings to suffer from these symptoms.

Some more examples can make you understand the difference between these two words

“A new discovery can affect a scientific theory.” This means the discovery improved scientific theory.
“Every day, the sunrise has a positive effect on my mood.” This sentence means that positiveness comes inside her due to the sunrise (result).
Hopefully you can now remember the difference between “affect” and “effect” in a sentence from now on and won’t get confused. You need to use the words correctly as it can affect your marks which will have an effect on your career.
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