10 Rules of Writing a Good Essay & Importance of rules in Writing


Don’t know how to write an essay?

Have you got an assignment regarding an essay? Then don’t worry; in this blog our cheap essay service experts will guide you regarding the whole process of writing a good essay step by step.

To write a good essay that is apt for school, college or university level, you have to make your information and message that you want to give your readers, should be clear. Now you may feel perplexed by reading what the definition of clear here is.

It means you need to organize all your important points, key points, your views etc properly and deck up all the material according to a series of evidence and arguments so that it can help the readers to understand it easily. But before writing it you need to know about the readers’ perspective too. It will guide you to avoid mistakes or make them boring by your writing.

Below, we have mentioned some of the tips, I hope it will help you to write a good essay and avoid any kind of pitfall while writing:

  1. Before you start writing you need to consider three key points i.e. what is the problem, how it is important from any aspect and how are you going to describe it in your writing? The first paragraph of your essay must contain all the answers of the above mentioned questions so that your readers will know what and why they are reading this essay and what is going to be the outcome of the writing.
  2. You need to organize the essay properly so that it covers every part of topics and subtopics and each must support your opinion. Besides giving an attractive title, you need to separate every part of the body with different headings and subtitles so that it can clearly distinguish every part. Every part must focus on a specific topic.
  3. Try to begin the paragraph with an opening sentence that contains key factors. In the rest of the paragraph you need to explain what you want to say in the opening sentence. Now write supporting sentences that are related to the topic or subtopic. Don’t make the paragraph too lengthy that does not contain the key points. You need to summarize the main theme that your paragraph is about.
  4. Your entire paragraphs must follow the link between the two so that readers can relate it clearly. You need to organize all part in such a way that it may give a clear message to the reader and help them to understand and co-relate with it.
  5. Always try to write short length sentences and write in simple sentences so that readers can easily understand your point of view. Avoid using long sentences and complex words. Don’t repeat the same sentence that doesn’t provide any new information. Your sentences must be clear to you and avoid using weak sentences. As your writing is done, you can read the essay out loud or tell someone to read it out loud, if it contains any fault you will understand it here.
  6. While writing the essay your motive should be that your readers don’t know anything and you are going to inform them all about it through your writing. So, it would be better to avoid gibberish. Make your essay as simple as that so that it can reach a larger number of readers.
  7. While writing the essay you should be confident about using pronouns like ‘this’, ‘these’, ‘that’, ‘those’ etc. make sure that you are using it in the proper place so that it will not make your readers confused.
  8. You can take help of concrete information while explaining your point of views or any information. Now the question is what is concrete information? It mainly indicates things like examples, quotes, facts, statistics through which you can explain your point to help the readers to understand it in detail. If you only add information in your essay, after reading a certain part your reader may feel bored but adding concrete information in it makes your essay interesting and easy to understand and appealing too.
  9. While writing the essay, make sure that every point that you are including is relevant with the theme. Don’t include such facts that are not relevant with the topic. Avoid using extra words like by the way, actually, very etc. Don’t include such paragraphs that are not relevant with the topic. It may make your readers baffled because they are writing your essay only to get necessary information, not cool facts.
  10. Before making the final copy, make a draft and check it properly if it is flawless or not. If you think to omit some part or include something, you can do it here. If you find everything is perfect, now make the final copy. Lastly, don’t forget to add a conclusion where you need to summarize the whole essay and inform about future actions etc.

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