8 Major Tips on How to Deliver a Persuasive Speech

Know How To Deliver A Persuasive Speech | 8 Major Tips 2019

When you deliver a persuasive speech, your objective should be to convince the audience of your ideas or points of view. While the topic you choose should be debatable; however, your arguments should reflect clarity of thought and self-confidence. When you are delivering a persuasive speech, the first thing you need to make sure is that there lies a solution to the problem at hand. After that, you need to demonstrate this solution to your target audience and suggest how your opinion will make all the difference.

If you are looking for tips to deliver a successful persuasive speech, then read on.

1. Give an impactful introduction

The key to an effective persuasive speech lies in starting with a catchy opening line. Not only do you need to grab the attention of the listeners but also lay a foundation for the arguments you plan to put forth. Therefore, your introduction should be concise and robust. You may take help up of surprising facts and figures, statistical numbers, historical events, etc. to give a great start to your speech.

2. Outline the solution in the main body of the speech

The main body of your speech should include testimonials, real-life instances, and even some humorous statements to keep your audience engaged. Each argument should be explained with one paragraph, and all the paragraphs should be logically connected.

3. End your speech on a high note

The final part of your speech is the conclusion wherein you are required to summarise and stress upon the main points of consideration. Do not just copy it from the previous paragraphs. Ideally, you should call your audience for action. You could use a quote for this purpose.

4. Brainstorm before writing down your speech

Before you start penning down your thoughts, it is important that you brainstorm the structure of the ideas you plan to put forward. Doing so will not just help you in making an interesting speech but will also provide you with the window to experiment with new genres. When you choose the topic for your speech, make sure to stay away from those that are too controversial or may end up hurting the feelings and sentiments of some people. Making sure that you do not go overboard is important.

5. Do not counter your arguments

While delivering a persuasive speech, it is essential to remind yourself that it is not a discussion. Therefore, do not leave any room for the contradiction of your arguments. At the same time ensure that the structure of your speech is simple and easy to understand. The more complex your speech gets, the more difficult it will be for the audience to remember.

6. Focus on the delivery of the speech

While you are addressing the audience, you need to make sure that you stick to a well-thought-out structure. Do not make a very lengthy speech. In other words, keep it short and crisp. The key to writing a successful persuasive speech is to have belief in your own words.

Putting forth arguments and speaking from your heart will ultimately make a speech persuasive and it will inspire the audience. Make sure not to mention anything superficial.

Most importantly do not write anything that you can’t say. Your speech should not just be fluent but free from grammatical errors.

7. Design the speech keeping your audience into consideration

While writing down your speech and delivering it, make sure you do a thorough audience analysis. This analysis will help you in understanding what is it that your audience wants to hear and what is it that they will resist. You need to put forward your arguments in a way that matches their interests. While delivering a successful persuasive speech you need to keep in mind that your goal is to change the mentality of your target audience. That is why it becomes crucial that you take care of the opinions and the needs of your audience.

8. Give your speech an emotional touch

While delivering an effective persuasive speech, keep in mind to be sensitive and caring towards the feelings of every section of the people in the society. Emotion becomes a powerful tool to convince someone to believe in your arguments. While delivering your speech make sure you touch upon the lives of your listeners and use emotional language to persuade and motivate them.

The above tips will not just help you in delivering a successful persuasive speech but will also help you in becoming an influencer to inspire change into the lives of people. The key is to make sure that you persuade your audience by sensitizing them towards the problem in hand in an ethical fashion. A final tip from our side is to practice your speech again and again before the final show. Make sure your speech is informative too, just remember the tips for successful informative speech. Value the time of your audience and make sure to leave an impact.

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