Top 7 Study Tips for Slow Learners


Are you a student? Do you take a lot of time to finish your lesson? Don’t feel frustrated. Our assignment help experts are here that will give you complete guidance regarding the top 7 tips of slow learning. I hope it would be helpful to learn your lessons as soon as fast without considering it as a barrier.

The process of slow learning is very common nowadays. There are many students who actually need more time to learn any lesson. It makes the students frustrating to cope with the situation in the class. It becomes more troublesome when you think you are the only person who has been suffering from this problem, then let me clear your doubt by saying that it is basically not your fault, it is actually a problem of many students like you. But in modern days everything can be cured, then your problem is very subtle there. There are certain tips and tricks that are apt for slow learners.

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Before knowing the tips we need to know what a slow learner actually is. A slow learner is a student or learner who takes more time than the average number of people. There are several factors that can have a contribution in the slow learning process like poverty, culture, not having proper schooling, lack of proper sleep or adequate rest, deprivation of educational opportunities, poor teaching method and various environmental issues like negative approach of parents, abhorrence for teachers etc.

Whenever we find a student to be a slow learner we consider him or her as a dull student. But actually it is not. He or she may take time to understand a topic or learn it, but it does not mean that student is dull or unintelligent. In research it is found that slow learners have reached the zenith of its success.

Now we need to know what kind of measurement can be taken for the slow learning students.

Below we have listed 7 tips that will help you to understand the learning process: –

  1. Need to Make Learning Interesting: There are many students who learn actually well when they are taught something with fun. Students always prefer to learn something which they find interesting. For example, if your teacher taught you a topic of biology without showing you any picture then it will definitely take time to understand, but if you attend practical class then it will be easier for you to understand it better.
  2. Take Help from Examples, Data etc: For slow learners, usage of examples plays a vital role. If you are a slow learner then try to understand a problem by using various examples. While you are learning something using examples, try to adopt the technique and if needed take help from different examples too to make it more clear.
  3. Highlight and Underline the Important Facts: While reading a topic always highlights and underlines the important points and facts. It will help you to remember the key factor of the topic and it will be beneficial while you will try to remember it.
  4. Ask Questions and Try to Get the Instant Answer: Many times we find that we are struggling to understand a particular topic. If you face such kinds of difficulties don’t feel afraid and perplexed. Try to ask questions and try to get answers step by step.
  5. Teach Someone to Check Your Learning Ability: Only reading does not help you to understand the topic better, till the time you are not explaining it to someone else. While we explain something it improves our memory power and gives us a vast knowledge regarding the topic in depth.
  6. Have Patient: If you are a slow learner you need to be patient and you have to give yourself enough time.
  7. Practice more and more: ‘practice makes a man perfect’ – the line is apt here. The best way of learning for a slow learner is to have a practical view on that. For example if you are learning geometry try to spend some time with some pieces of various geometrical shapes or drawings that may help you to understand it better.

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